Exam 2 MC key - KIN 315 Fall 2010 Motor Learning Second...

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KIN 315 Fall 2010 Motor Learning Second Exam MC Key PART I: MULTIPLE CHOICE (Note: Questions appeared in different orders on individual different exams.) 1. Which of the following was not a theory discussed in chapter 9 of how attention affects motor performance? Dual task theories 2. The action effect hypothesis suggests optimal performance results from external focus of attention. 3. Studies comparing experts and novices in motor skill performance show that experts focus only on certain aspects of the visual cues. 4. In addition to serving as a temporary storage system, working memory also serves as a temporary workspace. 5. If you are asked to demonstrate how you tie your shoes, you would base your demonstration on knowledge stored in long-term memory in the procedural memory system. 6. In a memory experiment, when information not to be recalled is presented after information to be recalled, the experiment is designed to test the effect of retroactive interference. 7. The most commonly accepted reason serial discrete motor skills seem to be forgotten more quickly than continuous motor skills is that serial discrete motor skills are largely verbal. 8. Which of the following describes why verbal labels and visual metaphoric imagery aid the learning of complex motor skill? They change an abstract array of movements to a more meaningful form. 9. A recognition test is an example of an implicit memory test. False 10. Telling a beginning golf student that the backswing should stop when the club is pointing at a certain clockface hour is an example of attaching a meaningful verbal label to a movement that must be remembered. True
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Exam 2 MC key - KIN 315 Fall 2010 Motor Learning Second...

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