Exam1 MC Key - KIN 315 Spring 2009 Motor Learning First...

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KIN 315 Spring 2009 Motor Learning First Exam Multiple Choice Answer Key Please note that different forms of this exam listed these questions in different orders. 1. The type of neuron that is most frequently found in the nervous system are the A. interneurons. 2. Parkinson’s disease is the result of a dysfunction of which area of the brain? C. Basal ganglia 3. A motor unit consists of A. the alpha motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates. 4. An important difference between the open- and closed-loop control systems is that the A. closed-loop system involves feedback; the open-loop system does not. 5. According to Schmidt’s theory of motor control, which of the following would be controlled by the same generalized motor program? A. walking and running B. reaching and grasping an object with either hand 6. The term kinetics refers to which of the following as a cause of motion? C. force 7. In addition to identifying perceptual-motor abilities, Fleishman also identified abilities that he designated as D. physical proficiency abilities. 8. Research has demonstrated that reaction time (RT) and movement time (MT) are A. independent motor abilities. 9. If you move your two arms forward and backward several times at the same time, the phase relationship between them is 0 degrees. A. True 10. Timing ability is typically specific to the requirements of the skill being performed. A. True 11. Which of the following skills is a discrete motor skill? D. Striking a typewriter key
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KIN 315 SPRING 2009 2 12. Gentile’s taxonomy of motor skills includes which of the following factors as part of the “environmental context” dimension? A.
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Exam1 MC Key - KIN 315 Spring 2009 Motor Learning First...

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