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Motor Learning Chpt 4 - Motor Learning Chapter 4 Neuromotor...

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Motor Learning Chapter 4 Neuromotor Basis for Motor Control Neuromotor System Components of the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) involved in the control of coordinated movement Neurons Nerve (connection of fibers that travel throughout the body) cells that make up the “basic component of the nervous system” (Magill, p. 63); NOT part of the CENTRAL nervous system, are a part of the PERIPHERAL nervous system Are used to receive and send information throughout the nervous system The nerve cell controls our decision-making processes Cell body : made up of the nucleus which monitors neuronal homeostasis (also know as the Soma) Dendrites : extensions from the cell body and are mainly used for receiving information from other neurons Axon : also known as a nerve fiber; used for sending information from the neuron (can send info longer distances); there is only one axon per neuron, as opposed to dendrites, in which there can be varying amounts; contain several branches called collaterals Myelin : has an enzyme-type function; purposed to speed up the transmission of neural signals along the axon through insulation The signal transfer happens at the synapse ; also, the signal is electrical, and the communication occurs by voltage differences within the signal, all of which have different meanings Three types of neurons: sensory (a.k.a afferent neurons; send neural impulses to the CNS from sensory receptors; DO NOT HAVE DENDRITES, ONLY THE CENTRAL PROCESS OF THE AXON ENTERS THE CNS), motor
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Motor Learning Chpt 4 - Motor Learning Chapter 4 Neuromotor...

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