Motor Learning Chpt 14 - Motor Learning Chpt 14...

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Motor Learning Chpt 14 Demonstration and Verbal Instructions Demonstration A.k.a. modeling and observational learning McCullagh and Weiss – evidence indicates that demonstration is more effective in certain condition than under others; the influence of demonstration on skill acquisition depends on the characteristics of the skill being learned o The most important characteristic leading to the beneficial effect of demonstration is that the new skill being learned requires the acquisition of a new pattern of coordination o In experiments that resulted in little to no difference between the performances of participants who observed and those who received other forms of instruction, participants practiced skill that required new parameter characteristics (variable features) for well-learned coordination patterns Observers primarily perceive information about the coordination pattern of the skill from the demonstration; they use invariant features of the coordinated movement pattern to develop their own movement pattern REMEMBER THE MODEL OF MOTOR PERFORMANCE (Information processing model within the TOTE) ***When a Learner Watches, What is seen (attended to; perceived)? *Invariant features of the motor program *Movement coordination (kinematics) Novice learning Timing (vision and audition) Visual Perception of Motion Point-light technique : a research procedure used to determine the relative information people use to perceive and identify coordinated human actions
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Motor Learning Chpt 14 - Motor Learning Chpt 14...

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