Motor Learning Chpt 16 - Practice Variability and...

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Practice Variability and Specificity Motor Learning – Chpt 16 The Future Performance Benefit of Practice Variability The variability of the learner’s experiences while he or she practices increases the chances for future performance success Practice variability – the variety of movement and context characteristics a person experiences while practicing a skill NOTE: Gentile’s model supports this because she states that in the initial stage of learning, beginners must learn to discriminate between regulatory and nonregulatory conditions (a.k.a. contexts) Variable practice proves more effective: remember 175N and free throw examples Performance errors yield a greater transfer of learning , especially when feedback about the errors is given (1200 msec arm movement example, trial-and-error vs. prompted group) Schema theory Developing a general plan for the movement that allows you to learn the details as you go; this theory believes that variable practice assists us in developing the general plan, we can better transfer what we learned to different contexts Diversification Performing in different contexts obviously supports variable practice Information processing Decision-making Explore degrees of freedom Variable practice gives us experience with how our body works, understand which muscles we use, and how we can use them in different situations Implementing Practice Variability What possible situations could the learners face in future performances of the skill? After answering that question, practitioners must look at the possible
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Motor Learning Chpt 16 - Practice Variability and...

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