hw10 - show, was bound to fail when n is not small). Then...

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Math 128a, fall 2011, Chorin, theory homework 10, due the week of Nov. 27. In preparation for the last computer homework, please read pp. 194-195 in the book, in which the authors derive the equations to be solved when one tries to find a least squares approximation of a function by a polynomial of degree n without first creating an orthonormal basis (a method I told you, but did not
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Unformatted text preview: show, was bound to fail when n is not small). Then (i) derive in detail equation (6) for the matrix you get in the special case indicated in the book, and (ii) find the coefficient c i defined in equation (5c) for the special case of f ( x ) = e x in [0 , 1]. 1...
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