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Study Questions for Mendelian Genetics 1. How does the genotype determine the phenotype? The genotype is a set of instructions for making protein products which determine the phenotype. Each individual has two alleles and therefore typically expresses two products, one from each allele. The products may be the same as in homozygotes, or different as in heterozygotes. 2. The term "multiple alleles" refers to: a) characters determined by several loci b) heterozygous organisms c) versions of a gene that affect several traits in an organism d) presence of more than two versions of a gene in a population e) characters where codominance is visible 3. Set up a Punnett square for a cross between two groups of birds. One group is homozygous recessive for feather color (they are pink with genotype bb), and the other group is heterozygous and expresses the dominant blue allele (Bb). Both groups are heterozygous for scaly legs (Ss) and they express scaly, not smooth, legs. List the genotypes that could be produced from a cross between the members of the two groups, and list the phenotypes resulting from each genotype. We call the color allele B for blue and b for pink. We call the scaly leg allele S for scaly and s for smooth. Parents are either bbSs or BbSs: bbSs parents produce two types of gametes: ! are bS and ! are bs BbSs parents produce four types of gametes: " BS, " Bs, " bS, " bs. Punnett Square : BS Bs bS bs bS BbSS BbSs bbSS bbSs bs BbSs Bbss bbSs bbss Because of Mendel's second law, each 'cell' in the Punnett square is equally likely to occur (N = the total number of individuals in the offspring generation):
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Genotype Frequency
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