Bis2B Final F09 version A KEY

Bis2B Final F09 version A KEY - Name Last First 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Name:________________________________ _______ Last, First 1 Biological Sciences 2B Strong & Keen Fall 2009 Final Examination Section A Please Read the Instructions First . Check your pages--there are 17 pages in this exam (including this pagepage 12 is blank). You are responsible for making sure that you have all the pages. This examination is worth 150 points. Please bubble in the 9 digits of your student ID number on your scantron. Mark Test Form A. Scantron Questions 36 questions worth 3 pts each: 108 points total Fill-in Questions 6 questions, all with multiple parts, worth 42 points total Bonus Questions 6 questions worth 1 points each, worth 6 points total If you think that a multiple choice question is ambiguous or confusing, use the explanation sheet at the end of the examination to explain the problem. Put your name on this sheet--I tear them off to read them!! 1. Use pen only on the fill-in questions (no grade corrections for pencil). 2. Write only one answer per question--you can elaborate on an answer, but you will not be given any credit if you write two different answers to the question . 3. Spelling rules: 1/2 credit for 2-3 letters wrong or transposed. No points will be given if the misspelling alters the meaning of the word. You have 120 minutes, so budget your time-leave enough time to complete the last fill-in section, as it is worth 28% of the exam. Page 11____/ Page12 ___ / Page 13 ____ / Page 14 ____ / Final examination BIS 2B Fall 2009 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS [3 POINTS EACH; TOTAL: 108 PTS.]. Select the one (1) best answer on your SCANTRON form using a #2 pencil. Circle your choice on the exam sheet as well . 1 . Which process below creates different alleles for a gene? a) mutation b) natural selection c) hybridization d) sexual selection e) genetic drift 2 . The most diverse terrestrial biological communities a) occur at the highest latitudes. b) are super organisms. c) are never exposed to succession. d) have the largest numbers of species. e) are drowned forests. 3 . Rana catesbiana and Rana silvestris are frogs . From the name , what do we know about Mus silvestris? a) it is a frog species b) it is in the same order as frogs c) it is in the same phylum as frogs d) it is in the same class as frogs e) it shares one descriptive feature with a frog species 4 . The biomes with highest GPP and NPP on land have a) greatest moisture, highest temperature, and longest growing seasons. b) highest nutrient levels, but not greatest moisture, or longest growing seasons. c) lowest annual evapotranspiration among terrestrial biomes. d) greatest differences in available nutrients between edge and center of biome....
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Bis2B Final F09 version A KEY - Name Last First 1...

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