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Bis2B.Midterm 2 F09 with key

Bis2B.Midterm 2 F09 with key - Name Last First Biological...

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Name:________________________________ _______ Last, First 1 Biological Sciences 2B – Strong & Keen Fall 2009 Midterm #2 Please Read the Instructions First . Check your pages--there are 12 pages in this exam (including this page—page 12 is blank). You are responsible for making sure that you have all the pages. This examination is worth 100 points. Please bubble in the 9 digits of your student ID number on your scantron. Mark Test Form A. True and False questions— 10 questions at 1 point each = 10 points total Scantron Questions— 20 questions worth 3 pts each: 60 points total Fill-in Questions— 4 questions, all with multiple parts, worth 30 points total Bonus Questions— 2 questions worth 3 points each, worth 6 points total If you think that a multiple choice question is ambiguous or confusing, use the “explanation sheet” at the end of the examination to explain the problem. Put your name on this sheet--I tear them off to read them!! 1. Use pen only on the fill-in questions (no grade corrections for pencil). 2. Write only one answer per question--you can elaborate on an answer, but you will not be given any credit if you write two different answers to the question . 3. Spelling rules: 1/2 credit for 2-3 letters wrong or transposed. No points will be given if the misspelling alters the meaning of the word. You have 50 minutes, so budget your time –leave enough time to complete the last fill-ins section, as it is worth 30% of the exam. Page 7____/ Page 8 ___ / Page 9 ____ /
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Midterm 2 BIS 2B Fall 2009 2 Fill in the scantron for each true (A) and false (B) question below. Write true or false next to the question on the exam sheet as well. True or False (2 pts each) 1. The color patterns of budgies and rabbits are both determined by a single gene. T 2. The color patterns of budgies and rabbits are represented by a normal distribution indicating that they are continuous characters. F 3. Corn was originally domesticated by the indigenous peoples near the Balsas River in Mexico, so a study of the history of corn would illustrate natural selection. F 4. An AaBbCcDd individual could produce 16 different kinds of gametes. T 5. When one observes a 9:3:3:1 ratio in the offspring of a particular cross, only one locus (gene) is being examined. F 6. Plant pollen contains female gametes. F 7. Charles Lyell was a strong proponent of catastrophism. F 8. There are at least 900 alleles of the hemoglobin gene. T 9. If there are 3 alleles (p, q, and r) at a locus, then p 2 + q 2 +r 2 = 1.0 F
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