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Chemistry 118B Formal Write-up Guide Jared Taylor The write-up should be no more than 3 pages; typed, single-spaced (2 pages should be plenty). You need to include the following sections, and try to be succinct (a great report provides the same info and explanation as an average report, but uses fewer words). Purpose : 1-2 sentences on what you hoped to accomplish and learn from the experiment. Procedure : Simply refer to the pages from the Manual and the Text for the actual procedures. HOWEVER, you must briefly describe each test you performed on the unknown in terms of the chemical reaction (drawn out in full) and how the results indicate a particular functional group. For example, the chromic acid test for alcohols draw out the actual chemical reaction, and explain how the end result (i.e. color change or lack of color change) confirms the presence of an alcohol and the type. The relevant chemical reactions can be found in the course text books. Results
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