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Lecture Schedule Textbook 9th Edition

Lecture schedule textbook 9th edition

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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (BIS) 101‐002 Professor Sharman O’Neill WINTER QUARTER 2012 LECTURE SCHEDULE DATE Jan. Feb. March 9 TOPIC/DESCRIPTION READING (Chapter/Pages 9th Ed) I. Introduction, Molecular Basis of Heredity and Evolution; 1/1‐28; 20/727‐730 11 II. Transmission Genetics I 16 Holiday 18 II. Transmission Genetics II 2/31‐42; 50‐61; 66‐71 3/89‐102; 106‐112 23 III. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance 2/42‐52; 61‐65; 71‐75; 25 IV. Mendelian Extensions 6/221‐249 30 MIDTERM EXAM I (covers lecture & reading through Topic IV. Mendelian...
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