Mechanism of Oxymercuration-demercuration

Mechanism of Oxymercuration-demercuration - Step 1:...

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Mechanism of Alkene's Oxymercuration--Demercuration Hg + RCH CH 2 O O 2 Hg O O + OHg O 1) (CH 3 CO 2 )Hg, H 2 O 2) NaBH 4 , NaOH, H 2 O R CH 3 OH RCH CH 2 HgO O RCH CH 2 Hg O O R H 2 O RCH CH 2 Hg O O R O H H O O A mercurinium ion RCH CH 2 Hg O O R OH
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Unformatted text preview: Step 1: Oxymercuration Step 2: Demercuration RCH CH 2 Hg O O R OH H BH 3 + R CH 3 OH + O O + HOBH 3 OH R = (CH 3 ) 3...
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