Mechnism of hydroboration-oxidation

Mechnism of hydroboration-oxidation - R R B R R R O O H B R...

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118B Dr. M. Nasiri 12-8 CH 3 C CH 3 H CH CH 2 Hydroboration Oxidation of Alkenes Anti Makovnikov Addition of H 2 O to Alkenes 1) BH 3 /THF 2) H 2 O 2/ NaOH/H 2 O CH 3 C CH 3 H CH 2 CH 2 OH Mechanism of Hydroboration Oxidation of Alkenes CH 3 C CH 3 H CH CH 2 BH 2 H CH 3 C CH 3 H CH CH 2 BH 2 H CH 3 C CH 3 H CH H 1) Hydroboration 2) Oxidation H O O H + OH H 2 O + HOO CH 2 OOH B R R R B R
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Unformatted text preview: R R B R R R O O H B R OR 2 HOO B OR OR OR Rearrangement 2 OH B OR OR OH CH 3 C CH 3 H CH CH 2 2 B RO RO OR OH R RO 2 more Rearrangement + B OR OR OH OH 2 RO + B(OH) 3 3 RO H 2 O 3 ROH + OH R B(OH) 3 NaOH Na 3 BO 3...
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