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Thermodynamics - branch of sci. concerned w/ energy (heat/work) and properties developed from need for increased steam engine effic. (Thomas savory, 1697) Closed system - no mass enters/leaves Open system - control volume, but mass enters and leaves (non constant) Properties- charact. Of a volume (no need for history) -DOES NOT depend on path, etc. because this would require a history -all are exact differentials state- condition of a system given it’s properties process - state changes extensive - can add indiv. Values (mass) intensive - (inaddable) density = ρ = m/vol spec vol = ʋ = 1/ ρ Pressure = = F Ƣ NORMAL /Area = N/m 2 Abs Press . = Ƣ ABS = Ƣ GAUGE + Ƣ ATM Gauge Press . = Ƣ GAUGE = Ƣ ABS - Ƣ ATM Vacuum Press . = Ƣ VACUUM = Ƣ ATMOS - Ƣ ATM Δ = ρgh (manometer) Ƣ Adiabatic- no heat transfer Isothermal- constant temperature W = F*d = ½m(V f 2 -V i 2 ) = iξ = (ΔVolume) type of KE Ƣ W DOT = F*vel = work (related to time) Therm. Def’n of Work: work is done by a system if the
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