Suggested End-of chapter Problems

Suggested End-of chapter Problems - Manual” Chapter 19...

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Suggested End-of chapter Problems Suggested problem assignments are given as a guide in your studying and for self-testing of your mastery of the material covered in the lectures. It is suggested that you work on the exercises given within the chapters (you will find the solutions to these at the end of the text) before proceeding with the problems at the end of the chapters. Answers to the latter are given in detail in the, “Study Guide and Solution
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Unformatted text preview: Manual”. Chapter 19 – Carboxylic Acids 27-39, 40-52 Chapter 20- Carboxylic Acids Derivatives 30-56, 62-63 Chapter 21- Amines and Their Derivatives 27-53 Chapter 22- Chemistry of Benzene substituents 35-59 Chapter 23- Ester Enolates and the Claisen Condensation (read also section 19-13) 27-42, 44-47 Chapter 24- Carbohydrates (read section 24-12 for interest only) 33-52, 55 Chapter 26- Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids 30-38...
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