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Suggested Text Problems - Spectroscopy Review and C-13 NMR...

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Suggested Text Problems: Suggested problem assignments are given as a guide in your studying and for self-testing of your mastery of the material covered in the lectures. It is suggested that you work on the exercises given within the chapters (you will find the solutions to these at the end of the text) before proceeding with the problems at the end of the chapters. Answers to the latter are given in detail in the, “Study Guide and Solution Manual”. Chapter 11 29-46, 48-51, 56, Chapter 12 33-40, 42-49, 51-66, 69-71 Chapter 13 27-49 Chapter 14 32-58 Chapter 15 36, 38, 42-43, 45-51, 55-56 Chapter 16 30-43 Chapter 17 25, 30-38, 44-46, 48, 50-58 Chapter 18 32-35, 37-45, 47-52
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CHEMISTRY 118B LABORATORY SCHEDULE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FOR HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCE Winter 2008 Laboratory Period Experiment 7-10 January Check-in Introduction to the laboratory and equipment
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Unformatted text preview: Spectroscopy Review and C-13 NMR 14-17 January Melting and Boiling Point Determination Expt. A: tert-Pentyl Chloride 28-31 January Expt. B: Unknown Mixture # 1 4-7 February Expt. C: Oxidation of Isoborneol to Camphor 11-14 February Expt. D: 2-Methylcyclohexanol Dehydration Formal Report # 1 on Lab B is due 19-25 February Expt. E: Nitration of Methyl Benzoate Expt. F (Start): Diels-Alder Reaction (pairs) (start 1 st part of lab) 26 Feb-3 March Expt. F (Cont.): Diels-Alder Reaction (pairs) (finish 2 nd part of lab) 4-10 March Expt. G: Unknown Mixture # 2Expt. (everything but mp of derivatives) 11-17 March Expt. H: Mixed Aldol Condensation Formal Report # 2 on Lab G; (mp of derivatives from Expt G) Check-out Unless specified, all lab work must be done individually! All laboratory assignment MUST BE COMPLETED in order to receive a passing grade....
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Suggested Text Problems - Spectroscopy Review and C-13 NMR...

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