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Based on comments I have gotten from some of you, I have decided to make some changes in 333. 1) Teams will persist for 2 weeks One week seems to be too short a time to form an effective team This change will be effective immediately 2) Team scores will be applied collectively rather than individually The reason for this is that I have had a few reports of unfair "buddy" grading that could seriously undermine an individual's score on an individual assignment. By averaging over the semester, those kinds of personality issues should average out, leaving, I hope, a fairer collective assessment of your ability to function in, and contribute to, a team effort.
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Unformatted text preview: In this context, I would ask each of you to look inside and ask yourself if the scores you are giving truly represent the contribution of the teammate. 3) The assignments should be signed by each team member before being turned in. 4) Team scores need to get entered as soon as the window opens. Report any technical problems to Tony immediately. Don t wait to the last second, forcing Tony to track you down. No team scores submitted = 0 on the HW. Marc H. Williams...
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