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function [x,delta,delstar,theta,cf,xtran,xsep,Lambda]=bl(x,U,dUdx,Re) % laminar and turbulent boundary calculation % John Sullivan % 10/1/94 % Ref. Houghton and Carpenter , Schlichting % x - distance along the upper or lower surface of the % airfoil starting from the stagnation point % Normalized to a chord of 1.0 % % U - surface velocity on the airfoil % normalized to a free stream velocity of 1.0 % % dUdx - derivative of the velocity along the surface % % Re - Reference Reynolds number based on chord and free stream velocity % n=length(x); m=n-1; xsep=x(n); % intialize separation and transition at trailing edge xtran=x(n); x % intial values at stagnation point Lambda(1)=7.052 ; % for stagnation point flow Z=0; I0=1/63*(37/5-Lambda(1)/15-Lambda(1).^2/144); I1=3/10-Lambda(1)/120; F1=I0-2*Lambda(1)/63.*(1/15+Lambda(1)/72); F2=4+Lambda(1)/3-2*Lambda(1).*(I1+2*I0); rhs=F2/F1+Lambda(1); delta(1)=sqrt(Lambda(1)/(dUdx(1)*Re)); delstar(1)=I1*delta(1); theta(1)=I0*delta(1); cf(1)=0; % for i=2:n
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bl - function...

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