bljones2 - n2=length(theta xsepU=xsep xtranU=xtran...

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function [zeta,s,y,cp,Cl,blU,blL,Cdsy,LoD]=bljones2(xc,yc,xt,yt,delta,alpha,Re) % % hough + transition method + head on a r t jones airfoil % [zeta,s,y,cp,Cl]=exjkcp(xc,yc,xt,yt,delta,alpha); [ n=length(s); %stagnation point( just look in nose region) [cpmax,nstag]=max(cp(fix(n/3):fix(2*n/3))); nstag=nstag+fix(n/3) ; %add starting point n/3 n xcupper=fliplr(s(1:nstag-2)); % start at two points after stagnation point ycupper=fliplr(y(1:nstag-2)); % to avoid +-1 shifts cpupper=fliplr(cp(1:nstag-2)); Uupper=sqrt(1-cpupper); xclower=s(nstag+2:n); yclower=y(nstag+2:n); cplower=cp(nstag+2:n); Ulower=sqrt(1-cplower); U n1=length(xcupper); x(1)=0; x(2:n1)=cumsum(sqrt(diff(xcupper).^2 + diff(ycupper).^2)); % % velocity gradient dUdx=diff(Uupper)./diff(x); dUdx(n1)=dUdx(n1-1); U=Uupper; U [x,delta,delstar,theta,cf,xtran,xsep,Lambda]=bl(x,U,dUdx,Re);
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Unformatted text preview: [ n2=length(theta); xsepU=xsep; xtranU=xtran; CdsyU=2*theta(n2)*(U(n2))^3.2; C blU(:,1)=x(1:n2)'; blU(:,2)=delta'; blU(:,3)=delstar'; blU(:,4)=theta'; blU(:,5)=cf'; blU(:,6)=cf'; %first fill it up with something blU(1,6)=xtran; blU(2,6)=xsep; b % lower surface x=; n1=length(xclower); x(1)=0; x(2:n1)=cumsum(sqrt(diff(xclower).^2 + diff(yclower).^2)); % % velocity gradient dUdx=diff(Ulower)./diff(x); dUdx(n1)=dUdx(n1-1); U=Ulower; U [x,delta,delstar,theta,cf,xtran,xsep,Lambda]=bl(x,U,dUdx,Re); [ n2=length(theta); xsepL=xsep; xtranL=xtran; CdsyL=2*theta(n2)*(U(n2))^3.2; Cdsy=CdsyU+CdsyL; LoD=Cl/Cdsy; L blL(:,1)=x(1:n2)'; blL(:,2)=delta'; blL(:,3)=delstar'; blL(:,4)=theta'; blL(:,5)=cf'; blL(:,6)=cf'; %first fill it up with something blL(1,6)=xtran; blL(2,6)=xsep;...
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bljones2 - n2=length(theta xsepU=xsep xtranU=xtran...

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