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On homework # 2 - On problem 2 - I noticed that a lot of people screwed up their densities for water. The ones that gave the density in lb_m/ft^3 forgot to divide by a gravitational constant to convert to slug/ft^3. Some people found this weird density with alien units (about 20% of the class). I think it would help if the class was reminded of the difference between a lb, lb_m, and slug. Other things I noticed was that people didn't find the correct location of the centroid. Other people lost points for not showing the integrals
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Unformatted text preview: And other people lost points for not explaining their answers or showing work. Below is a list of common mistakes on problem three: 1) students thought that coefficient of lift was Lift / Q * Length, rather than Lift / Q * Area 2) students thought that coefficient of pressure was Absolute Pressure / Q rather than Gauge Pressure / Q 3) no one took into account that temperature, mach number and viscosity changed with altitude...
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