Field3 - circle or wall compositions%comp='circle%Z1=0;Z2=1%comp='wall%Z1=-2-2*i;Z2=2%comp='cascade%Z1=0;Z2=2*i 0[vel,om]=vel3(Z,Q,Z0,n,comp,Z1,Z2

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% sample script to display results of vel2 % can select composition mode = normal, circle or wall % shows streamlines in each case % define grid: Z = grid; % % set singularity properties: Q=[1 -.5 -.5 ]; Z0=[0,3*pi-i,3*pi+i]; n=[0,2,2]; % generate velocity and potential fields: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % "normal" composition style: comp='normal'; [vel,om]=vel3(Z,Q,Z0,n); %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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Unformatted text preview: % circle or wall compositions: %comp='circle'; %Z1=0;Z2=1; %comp='wall'; %Z1=-2-2*i;Z2=2; %comp='cascade'; %Z1=0;Z2=2*i+0; [vel,om]=vel3(Z,Q,Z0,n,comp,Z1,Z2); %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % select field and plot: fld=imag(om); % field property [CS,HC]=extcon(real(Z),imag(Z),fld,40); %set(HC,'erasemode','xor'); hold % fld=abs(vel); % field property vv=[0:.1:2]; [CS,HC]=extcon(real(Z),imag(Z),fld,vv,'fill'); colormap hot...
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