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hw 6 - b What is the maximum speed on the surface of the...

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AAE333 Fall 2009 Problem Set #6 Due: Monday 10/19/9 10% bonus if turned in on Friday 10/16/9 1. An air flow has free stream speed of 100m/s at standard temperature and pressure. What is the highest pressure that could be found in the field (according to Bernoulli)? 2. A tube with diameter 1cm has a restriction in it with a minimum diameter of . 8cm. The gas in the tube has a density of 1 kg/m^3. A pressure drop of 10 Pa is measured between a point far in front of the restriction and the minimum area. What is the volume flow rate in the tube (in m^3/s)? 3. A 2D source with strength 1 m^2/s is placed in a uniform flow with speed 2m/s. a) What is the width of the body far downstream from the source?
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Unformatted text preview: b) What is the maximum speed on the surface of the body and where does it occur? c) How far is the nose of the body from the source? 4. A 2D steady irrotational incompressible flow consists of a uniform flow in the x direction with speed Uinf and pressure pinf. A source of strength Q is placed at (x,y)=(-1,0) and a sink if equal and opposite strength at (1,0). Take Q/Uinf=0.2. Find and plot: a. The shape of the body . . ie the dividing streamline between the fluid coming from upstream and from the source b. The speed distribution on the body surface… in units of Uinf c. The distribution of cp over the surface....
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