hw1F09 - AAE333 Fall 2009 Homework 1 Due: Wed Sept 9 (due...

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AAE333 Fall 2009 Homework 1 Due: Wed Sept 9 (due to Labor Day holiday) 10% bonus if turned in on Friday 9/4/09 Note: There are 4 problems. No more will be added to this assignment 1. [5 points] A flat plate of zero thickness sits in a uniform free stream flow at an angle of attack of 15deg. The free stream pressure is 0.5 , the free stream density is 0.2 and the free stream velocity is 20. The chord length of the plate is 3. The pressure and shear stress distributions on the upper and lower surface of the plate are given by Upper surface: p = 0.35 - 0.03x τ = .01/(1+x) Lower surface p = .65 + 0.2x τ = .02/(1+x) where x is the distance along the plate from the leading edge, measured in units of chord (so x=1 is the trailing edge.). The units are all consistent. a) Calculate the free stream dynamic pressure b) Calculate and plot the distribution of pressure and shear stress coefficients along the upper and lower surfaces c) Calculate the Forces normal and tangential to the plate Sketch a free body diagram showing these forces with the correct direction. d) Calculate the net Lift and Drag forces acting on the plate e) Calculate the lift and drag coefficients Note: the forces are all actually forces per unit width (since we are considering a 2D airfoil.)
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AAE333 Fall 2009 2. [5 points] All variables we will consider in this course (333) will have units consisting of combinations of Mass (M), Length (L) and Time (T). For example, velocity has units L/T, or, for example, m/s in MKS. Express the units of each of the following in this form (ie as a combination of M, L and T.). Also state it in, specifically, MKS units: (Results given for velocity) Variable name MLT units MKS units Velocity L/T m/s Density Pressure Pressure/Density Density*Velocity^2 Shear stress 3. (5 pts) Consider a problem where the Power output from a wind turbine depends on the wind velocity V, the diameter D of the turbine, the air density
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hw1F09 - AAE333 Fall 2009 Homework 1 Due: Wed Sept 9 (due...

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