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AAE333 Fall 2009 Homework 1 Due: Monday Aug 30 10% bonus if turned in on Friday 8/27/10 1. Read sections 1.1-1.4 of Anderson. You will need to use other references to look up most of the numbers I ask for below. Cite your references. 2. What is the density of air and water at standard conditions, in MKS units? What is the ratio of the density of water to air? 3. What is the viscosity of water, air, and motor oil, in MKS units? What is the ratio of the viscosities of air and oil to water? 4. What is the standard atmospheric pressure in MKS units? What is it in psi? 5. If the velocity of an air stream changes by 10 m/s over a space of 1 cm above a
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Unformatted text preview: solid wall, what is the tangential force exerted on one square centimeter of the wall by flow of air along it? If the pressure of the air is 1 atm, what normal force would be exerted on that 1 cm^2 bit of wall? 6. If a square plate of area A is exposed to 2 atm on the bottom and 1 atm on the top, how big does the plate have to be to support a 60,000 lb airplane? 7. What is the speed of sound in MKS units in standard air? What is your Mach number if you are driving along the road at 60 mph?...
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