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Homework 3 Due: Monday Sept 19 Read Ch 2 of Anderson 1. % . Household vinegar is 5 acetic acid by weight This solution / . flows through a 2in radius pipe at 3m s What is the mass flow rate , / of acetic acid coming out of the pipe in kg s? 2. . Given a velocity field What is the dilation? Show those ( , ) , regions of the x y plane where fluid particles are expanding where they are shrinking and where they are neither growing nor . - < < , < < shrinking Visualize the velocity vectors in a region 2 x 2 0 y 2 . ( : of the upper half plane Note Matlab quiver is the best tool for ). this purpose 3. , Given a velocity field where K is some constant and / . velocities are measured in m s Find the rate of expansion of a fluid ( . . ). particle i e the fractional increase in volume per second
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Unformatted text preview: What value would K have to have for the fluid to be incompressible? 4. , For the same velocity field given in Pb 3 determine the total . volume per second of fluid leaving a cube with each edge 2 m , = , =. , = , =. , = =. long with its six faces at x 0 x 2 y 0 y 2 z 0 and z 2 . respectively What is this volume flow rate if the fluid is incompressible? 5. If is a 3D velocity field where is the distance from the origin of the coordinate system and A and n are constants: determine the volume flow rate passing though a sphere of radius r. What value of n would make that volume flow rate independent of r? What values of n would make the volume flow rate increase on bigger and bigger spheres? 6. TBD...
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