hw5F10 - b The reaction force exerted on the hose in the...

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AAE333 Fall 2010 Homework 5 Due: Monday Sept 27 10% bonus if turned in on Friday 9/24/10 1) An airfoil with a 5cm long chord is put into a flow with a free stream velocity of 2cm/sec. A wake survey is performed that gives a velocity distribution 15cm downstream from the trailing edge of the airfoil that is given by = [ - . (-( * )^ ) ] u2 2 1 0 2 exp 20 y 2 where y is distance transverse to the free ( ) / . stream direction in cm and u2 is the velocity in cm 2 Use the ( conservation of momentum principle to deduce the drag per unit ) , . span on the airfoil and the drag coefficient 2) A constant area garden hose with diameter 3cm carries water at 10 liters per minute. The hose makes a right angle turn, bending from the +y direction to the +x direction where it ends, ejecting a stream of water at atmospheric pressure. Use conservation of mass and momentum to determine: a) The velocity of the stream emerging from the hose, in cm/s
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Unformatted text preview: b) The reaction force exerted on the hose in the –x direction, in Newtons. 3) The temperature in Lafayette is 70deg. The temperature in Delphi, 8 miles away, is 80deg. You drive from Lafayette to Dephi at 30mph. Plot AAE333 Fall 2010 temperature as a function of time as measured by your car thermometer during the trip. What is the rate of increase of temperature (in deg / hr) measured in your car? 4) Let T=70+ x/.8, where x ranges from 0 to 8. If the velocity is 30, what is the substantial derivative of T? 5) Consider a probe that measures the height of a surface (like a CD).The surface is a disk spinning at a constant rpm of 3000. The surface of the disk is corrugated in a sinusoidal pattern, with a height of .01 sin( θ ) mm. The probe sits at a radius of 5 cm from the center of rotation of the disc. What is time rate of change of surface height as measured by the probe?...
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hw5F10 - b The reaction force exerted on the hose in the...

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