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HW6_4_Hints - Think of F = func(r,th Code it as a matlab...

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The stream function is PSI = U*y + Q/(2*pi) * (TH1 – TH2) 1) The body surface is defined by PSI=0 (because the stagnation points lie at y=0, TH1=TH2=0 and TH1=TH2=pi) 2) It is best to define TH1 and TH2 using the ATAN2 function in matlab, because ATAN2(y,x) has a branch cut along the positive x axis. 3) It is best to define the body with a function F= PSI/(Uinf*y) since PSI is identically 0 along y=0. 4)
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Unformatted text preview: Think of F = func(r,th). Code it as a matlab file function, with whatever name you like 5) For a sufficiently dense set of th values over [0,2pi], not including 0, pi or 2*pi (where F is 0/0), solve for the radius that makes F= 0 r = FSOLVE(‘fun’,r0,,th) where r0 is an initial guess to the value. Store all values of th and r. Compute& store [x,y] Compute & store u, v Compute& store Cp...
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