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AAE333 Fall 2011 Homework 8 Due: Mon Oct 24 1) A blow-down wind tunnel test section has an air speed of 100m/s and a pressure of 1 atm. It is fed by a large pressurized tank. What does the pressure in the tank need to be? 2) = , Consider a uniform flow with speed Uinf 2 over a / , source sink pair of strength Q and Q respectively =-. +. . located at x 5 and 5 Find the value of Q that would . make the thickness of the equivalent body 0 1 times its ( length ie the value of y at the dividing streamline at = / x 0 is 1 10 of the x coordinate at the aft stagnation . ). point What happens to Q if Uinf were changed to 4? / What happens to Q Uinf? 3) Consider a flow with a free stream velocity Uinf in the x direction. Put
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Unformatted text preview: two point sources of equal strength Q at x=0, one at y=-h the other at y=+h. i. Find the velocity potential ii. Find the stream function iii. Determine the location of the two stagnation points iv. Determine the location of the two dividing stream lines v. Draw the dividing streamlines for the case Q/(Uinf*h)=0.5 4) Determine the x, y velocity components corresponding to the streamfunction ψ = x^2 – y^2. Find the corresponding velocity potential. 5) Consider the streamfunction ψ = x^2 + y^2. What is the vorticity? Is there a velocity potential?...
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