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AAE333 Fall 2009 Problem Set #10 Due: Monday 11/16/9 10% bonus if turned in on Friday 11/13/9 1) What is the (room temp) viscosity of air, water, and 10W30 motor oil in MKS units? What is it in units of lbf-sec/ft^2 ? 2) A layer of air has a change in tangential velocity of 1m/s over a distance of 1 mm. What tangential force would be exerted on a plate of area 1m^2? If the air had a change in normal velocity of 1m/s (i.e. from 1 to 0), resulting in a rise in pressure on one side of the plate, what would the normal force be? 3) In problem 2, show that the ratio of the normal force to the tangential force is the Reynolds number based on the velocity change and half the layer thickness.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) A planar channel with a height of 1cm carries a laminar flow of water with a parabolic velocity profile. The pressure drops along the channel by 0.06 Pa for every meter.(note: that’s 6 millionths of an atmosphere). What is the velocity at the center of the channel? 5) Air flows over a flat plate at 1m/s. The plate is 1m long by 5 m wide. Find the drag on the plate (include both sides). Plot the distribution of boundary layer thickness (measured to the 99% point) from leading edge to trailing edge. 6) What happens to the answers in 5) if the fluid is water instead of air?...
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