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AAE333 Fall 2009 Problem Set #11 Due: Mon 11/23/9 1) What is the (room temp) kinematic viscosity of air, water, and 10W30 motor oil in MKS units? What is it in units of ft^2/sec ? 2) Water flows over a flat plate at 2 m/s. The momentum thickness at the trailing edge is 2mm. What is the drag (per unit span) on the plate? Does it matter if the flow is laminar or turbulent? Explain. 3) Drag on a flat plate for both laminar and turbulent flow is shown in Fig 7.6 from
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Unformatted text preview: White’s book (it’s in the handouts). Consider a plate 2m long, 1m wide, in an air flow of free stream speed 8m/s. What would the total drag and drag coefficient be on the plate be if a. Flow is laminar to the trailing edge b. Flow is fully turbulent from the leading edge and the plate is smooth c. Flow is turbulent from the leading edge and the roughness is 0.1% of the chord 4)...
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