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AAE333 Fall 2011 Homework 11 Due: Mon Nov 11 1) You are to use XFLR5 to find the pressure and skin friction distributions on an NACA 4414 airfoil at 10deg aoa and a Reynolds number of 100,000. Use the Cf and Cp data computed to determine what fraction of Cl and Cd are due to pressure and what to skin friction. Determine the effect of the number of panels. How much does doubling the number of panels change Cl and Cd? How much does it affect the split between pressure and skin friction? 2) Use XFLR5 for the above airfoil to determine Cl vs aoa from -5deg to
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Unformatted text preview: +15deg. Is the result a straight line or nearly so? Compare to the “thin airfoil” theory, which says Cl=2 π ( ∝-∝ _zl), where ∝ _zl is the angle of attack at which the lift is zero. You may take that number from the XFLR5 results (though later on you will learn how to calculate it from the camber). 3) Construct the lift/drag polar for the above airfoil. What is the max L/D for the airfoil, and what angle of attack gives it?...
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