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AAE333 Fall 2010 Homework 11 Due: Mon Nov 29 10% bonus if turned in on Monday Nov 22 1) Consider a duct 3m long, 0.5cm high and 5cm wide The gage pressure at the inlet of the channel is 100,000 Pa. The outlet is at atmospheric pressure. In one minute you collect 6 liters of fluid. Assuming you have fully developed laminar Poisseuille flow from inlet to outlet, and no variation along the span (ie ignore the complex three dimensional flow that would occur near either end of the 5cm wide channel)… What is the viscosity of the fluid (in Pa-s)? 2) In a planar Couette flow of air, if the upper wall moves at 50mph and the distance across the gap is 2mm, what is tangential force you need to exert each square inch of the moving wall to keep it moving? 3) Consider a planar channel with a gap of 2mm. The lower wall is fixed, but the upper wall is free (i.e. it is unconstrained). There is a pressure gradient along the channel of -3,000Pa/m. (pressure decreases from left to right, in the +x direction.)
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