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AAE333 Fall 2010 Homework 13 Due: Mon Dec 13 10% bonus if turned in on Fri Dec 10 You are to use XFLR to analyze the NACA 2412 airfoil at a chord Reynolds number of 200,000. The flow is incompressible. The angle of attack ranges from 0 to 15deg. Use the N=9 “free transition” model to predict the laminar/turbulent transition location. Use 100 panels. a) For aoa=0, 5,10 and 15deg: Plot the airfoil with panels and boundary layer shown; the corresponding pressure distributions (including the inviscid
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Unformatted text preview: result); and the skin friction coefficient distributions. b) Show how the transition point on the upper surface changes with aoa. c) Plot the lift-drag polar, as well as Cl vs aoa and Cd vs aoa. What aoa gives the maximum L/D? What aoa gives the maximum Cl ? d) Discuss the agreement (or lack of it) between these results and the data in Abbott & von Doenhoff (also copied in Anderson)....
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