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A cylindrical barrel, 1m diameter, is initially full of wine 2m deep. The barrel is open to the atmosphere at the top and has a 1cm diameter bung hole at the bottom. i. When the bung is initially uncorked, the wine is seen to flow out of the hole at 6.3m/s. What is the corresponding velocity of the top surface of the wine? ii. According to Torricelli’s Law (which we will derive later) the wine should flow out at a velocity of sqrt(2 g H), where H is the depth of the wine. Use this rule to determine how
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Unformatted text preview: long it will take for the barrel to empty after it is uncorked. What is the time it would take a particle in free-fall to drop the same distance? What is the ratio of the time to drain to the free fall time, and how does it depend on the areas of the bung and the barrel? ANSWER:- As we know by Torcelli equation A1 V1 =A2 V2 pi*(50)^2* V1= pi*(0.5)^2*6.3 V1= 0.0006324555 m/sec Time taken to empty the fluid Here a = pi*(0.5)^2 A= PI*(50)^2 Hi=2m Hf =0 m C =1 T= 6324 seconds...
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