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ProjectDescription - A AE 333 Final Project Fall 2009 Due...

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AAE 333 Final Project Fall 2009 Due Mon Dec 14 No bonus available; no late homework allowed Format This project is to be done in teams of two. Send an email to me and the TA’s as soon as you have a team. If you are unable to find a partner by Monday Dec 07, let us know by that date. Turn in one project report for each team. One grade will be assigned to the project. If you feel that your partner is not contributing equally, send me an email. The project is worth two homework assignments and is not optional (in other words, you cannot pass the course with no final project) All materials for the Final Project are stored in the current semester web page in the HOMEWORKS/FINAL_PROJECT directory. Airfoil and Analysis Tools You will perform an analysis of the NACA 2415 airfoil, which is slightly fatter than the 2414 airfoil you looked at in HW9 and is chosen because there is experimental data for it available in Abbott & von Doenhoff (A copy is posted in the Project directory) You will use an inviscid/viscous airfoil analysis program called XFOIL written by Professor Mark Drela from MIT. Download the XFOIL tutorial from the FinalProject directory. You may also want to download the more extensive documentation xfoil.doc . A download of the windows executable is also stored in the FinalProject directory. If you want another OS version, go to the XFOIL web site (it is the first hit in a google search on XFOIL.)
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