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tips - want to make minimal changes to the airfoil_examp...

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Warning the x input to naca4 is not the same as the x output. On input, x should run from 0 (LE) to 1 (TE). Best to use a cos distribution x = (1-cos(th))/2 where th runs from 0 to pi (it packs points at LE and TE where they are needed) On output, x wraps from TE to LE to TE (clockwise) and is twice the size of x input Also naca4 is set up to return x,y as col vectors. If you
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Unformatted text preview: want to make minimal changes to the airfoil_examp code then you will want to transpose x & y after the call to naca4 to make them row vectors as in the examp Also the value of N after the call to naca4 should be equal to the number of panels: N=length(x)-1. Take care. It's easy to mess up the geometry. .. GIGO!...
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