tutorial - Tutorial for XFoil Download XFoil Download...

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Unformatted text preview: Tutorial for XFoil Download XFoil-------------- Download XFoil from http://raphael.mit.edu/xfoil/ . It would be a good idea to download the documentation for future reference as well. Installing XFoil---------------- Copy the downloaded file to the directory where you want to install XFoil and run it. Running Xfoil------------- XFoil is executed by going to the directory where it was installed and typing % xfoil Loading an Airfoil------------------ The load or NACA command can used to load an airfoil into XFoil. In this tutorial we will be using a NACA 2412 airfoil. To load this airfoil type XFOIL c> NACA 2412 Notice that XFoil will return some of the specifications for the airfoil, including the location and magnitude of the maximum thickness, maximum camber, and other parameters. Cleaning the Airfoil Geometry----------------------------- It is a good idea to ensure that the airfoil loaded does not contain panels that create very sharp edges. The PANE command in XFoil smoothes out the airfoil geometry. XFOIL c> pane NOTE: The commands are not case sensitive The OPER Sub-Level------------------ Type XFOIL c> OPER This will produce the prompt .OPERi c> Type a “?" to see a list of available commands and a brief description of their use. This works on any level of XFoil. In the OPER level this is what you will see after typing “?” <cr> Return to Top Level ! Redo last ALFA,CLI,CL,ASEQ,CSEQ,VELS Visc r Toggle Inviscid/Viscous mode .VPAR Change BL parameter(s) Re r Change Reynolds number Mach r Change Mach number Type i Change type of Mach,Re variation with CL ITER Change viscous-solution iteration limit INIT Toggle BL initialization flag Alfa r Prescribe alpha CLI r Prescribe inviscid CL Cl r Prescribe CL ASeq rrr Prescribe a sequence of alphas CSeq rrr Prescribe a sequence of CLs SEQP Toggle polar/Cp(x) sequence plot display CINC Toggle minimum Cp inclusion in polar HINC Toggle hinge moment inclusion in polar Pacc i Toggle auto point accumulation to active polar PGET f Read new polar from save file PWRT i Write polar to save file PSUM Show summary of stored polars PLIS i List stored polar(s) PDEL i Delete stored polar PSOR i Sort stored polar PPlo ii. Plot stored polar(s) APlo ii. Plot stored airfoil(s) for each polar ASET i Copy stored airfoil into current airfoil PREM ir. Remove point(s) from stored polar PPAX Change polar plot axis limits...
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tutorial - Tutorial for XFoil Download XFoil Download...

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