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Global East Asia Rutgers University Spring 2012 Guidelines for Recitation Sessions The following are guidelines for the recitation section of the Global East Asia class: 1. Recitation sessions run every other week starting Wednesday, January 25 th . 2. Topics for each session correspond to the topics presented on the discussion sheet. Therefore we will discuss the assigned articles in relation to Steger’s chapter of the week. (See the course syllabus for more information on the assigned articles and textbook chapters). 3. For a more smooth and active discussion, the section instructors will ask four students to volunteer to lead the discussion during each session. These students will share the ideas from their discussion sheets. It is also recommended that they bring some discussion questions. The instructor will also provide direction and discussion points throughout the session. However, active participation of ALL students to the discussion is most important, so please always be prepared to share your ideas and opinions, whether they are written on your sheet or not. 4. Students who volunteer to lead the discussion will get full credit for that week’s discussion sheet.
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GEA_2012_Recitation_Discussion_Sheet_Guidelines - Global...

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