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098/214:245 “Global East Asia” Rutgers University Spring 2012 Final Research Paper Guidelines Due: 4:00 pm, Wed. May 2, 2012 in Scott Hall Rm. 330, CAC The final research paper for “Global East Asia” gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of one of the learning goals of 21 st Century Challenge courses: Analyze a contemporary global issue from a multidisciplinary perspective. 1. Globalization and Culture. Describe the impact of cultural flows emanating from the West—and especially America—on the East Asian region, and East Asia’s response to it. How can we explain the appeal of popular culture in various media in the region and globally? Discuss the topic using 3 paradigms of cultural sameness & difference (polarization/ homogenization/ hybridization). 2. Globalization and the Nation-State. Describe some of the contradictory ways forces of globalization serve to increase and, at the same time, diminish nationalism and the role of the nation-state in East Asia. What different futures do hyperglobalizers and skeptics
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GEA+2012+final+paper+guidelines - 098/214:245 Global East...

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