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01:098/214:245 “Global East Asia” SAS Signature Course Rutgers University Spring 2012 Syllabus Main Instructor Professor Dietrich Tschanz dtschanz Scott Hall, Room 337 Lecture: Mon/Thu2 (9:50am-11:10am) Scott Hall 135, CAC Guest Lecturers: Professor Sug-In Kweon, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University, currently visiting scholar at Harvard University Teaching Assistants Ruonan Liu [email protected] Scott Hall Rm. 328 Recitation section 01 W2 (9:50-11:10) Hardenbergh Hall B1, CAC Recitation section 05 W3 (11:30-12:50) Frelinghuysen Hall A3, CAC Jing Ning [email protected] Scott Hall Rm. 335 Recitation section 03 W2 (9:50-11:10) Scott Hall 103, CAC Recitation section 08 W3 (11:30-12:50) Hardenbergh Hall A5, CAC Sungmin Park [email protected] Scott Hall Rm. 326 Recitation section 04 W2 (9:50-11:10) Scott Hall 203, CAC Recitation section 09 W3 (11:30-12:50) Hardenbergh Hall A3, CAC Yu Zhang [email protected] Scott Hall Rm. 341 Recitation section 02 W2 (9:50-11:10) Hardenbergh Hall B6, CAC Recitation section 07 W3 (11:30-12:50) Hardenbergh Hall A1, CAC Instructor and TA Office Hours Mon. 2:45-4:30 pm Course Description This course is a Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Signature Course designed to introduce students to 21 st -century East Asia in the era of globalization, focusing on the dynamic inter-relationships among China, Korea, Japan and the world. The course will focus on critical analysis of historical, economic, political, cultural, ecological, and ideological dimensions of globalization in East Asia in the 21 st century. Successful completion of the course fulfills the SAS writing intensive , interdisciplinary , and diversity or global awareness requirements (SAS core code: 21C, HST, SCL, WCd) -1-
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Requirements Students will be evaluated on the basis of 7 two-page discussion sheets (10% each; total 70%), quizzes (5%), attendance and participation (10%), & one five-page research paper (15%). All readings other than the required text are available online on the website of The Asia- Pacific Journal: Japan Focus ( ) or will be posted on the course Sakai site. Careful reading of all assigned materials is very important to your success in the course. Note-taking is the only legitimate use of laptop or tablet computers or similar electronic devices during lectures or recitation sessions. Grading Scale A 90-100 B+ 85-89.9 B 80-84.9 C+ 75-79.9 C 70-74.9 D 60-69.9 F 0-59.9 Academic Integrity Students are expected to observe the highest standards of academic honesty at all times. For more information on the definition and policies regarding academic integrity at
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GEA_Spring2012_final_Jan18 - 01:098/214:245 Global East...

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