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12/8/2010 1 Important Dates 1. Final Project Report: Due on this Friday (Dec 10); hard copy 2 Final Exam 2. Final Exam: Date/Time: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2010 7-10P Location: 3108 ETCHEVERRY Lecture 18-20. Characterization of Cells and Tissues 1. Microscopy: Light, fluorescence, electron microscopy 2. Gene expression analysis :qPCR, Northern, DNA array 3. Protein expression analysis: Immunoblotting, microscopy, flow cytometry, ELISA 4. Measurement of cell characteristics Cell morphology, number, viability Cell proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, motility Cell metabolic activity Cell mechanics 3. Measurement of tissue characteristics Histology, ECM, functions Lecture 21-23. ECM 1. ECM components Fibrous proteins, proteoglycans, growth factors, enzymes 2. ECM synthesis and degradation Collagen I synthesis and assembly MMPs TIMP MMPs, TIMPs 3. ECM receptors: Integrins, cell surface proteoglycans Lecture 21-23. ECM Mechanical property of ECM (at macroscale) Soft tissue characteristics:
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final+review - Important Dates Lecture 18-20...

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