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Lecture+12-cell+signaling - Signal Transduction Cell Cell...

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Unformatted text preview: Signal Transduction Cell Cell Signaling and Communication • Cell-cell communication • Soluble factors, receptors and intracellular signaling • Cell junctions Types of Cell-Cell Communication CellHow do cells communicate • Secrete soluble signals • Communicate via direct cell-cell contact • Produce proteins to alter the microenvironment (e microenvironment (e.g., extracellular extracellular matrix) An An example of contact-dependent signaling contact- Soluble Molecules Used for CellCell-Cell Communication • Permeable to cell membrane • Steroids • Dissolved gases • Non-permeable and peptides • Proteins and peptides • Amino acids • Nucleotides Three main classes of cell surface receptors • Ion-channel-linked receptors • G-protein-linked receptors • Enzyme-linked receptors Example: Pottasium channels in embryonic stem cell communication Example: G proteins are important for the homing of hematopoietic stem cells to bone marrow Functional Functional Classification of Cell Junctions •Occluding junctions (tight junctions) Example: Cell Junctions in Epithelia (Occludin) •Anchoring junctions Actin filament attachment site Intermediate filament attachment sites •Communicating junctions junctions e.g. gap junctions Anchoring Junctions (Connexin) Example of cell-cell adhesion: cellOrganOrgan-specific adhesion Example: IntegrinExample: Integrin-mediated signaling Different Combinations of Signals May Induce Different Responses Receptors relay signals via intracellular signaling pathways Complexity of Cell Signaling • Different extracellular signaling molecules • Different receptors • Different intracellular relay systems • Different combinations ...
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