Lecture+26-Gene+_+Protein+Delivery - DNA Delivery Delivery...

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Delivery Delivery of DNA of DNA and Proteins and Proteins DNA Delivery DNA Delivery Binding of DNA to cell membrane (mediated by urface charges) surface charges) Internalization of DNA through cell membrane (usually through endocytosis) Trafficking of DNA through cytoplasm (need to survive endocytotic degradation) Entry of DNA into nucleus (through pores or during y( g p g mitosis) Localization of DNA in nucleus (with or without incorporation into chromosomes) Methods of DNA Delivery (into nucleus of single cell) (~50% efficiency) (use electrical pulses to transiently permeabilize cell membranes) ositive charged) (Positive charged) Virus Adenovirus, retrovirus (high efficiency, but high toxicity)
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Gene Gun The Gene Gun is a new way for in vivo ansformation of cells or organisms ( e ene transformation of cells or organisms ( i.e. gene therapy and genetic immunization (DNA vaccination)). This gun uses particle bombardment where DNA- or RNA-coated gold particles are loaded into the gun and you pull the trigger. A low pressure helium pulse delivers the coated gold particles into virtually any target cell or tissue. The particles carry the yg p y DNA so that you do not have to remove cells from tissue in order to transform the cells.
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Lecture+26-Gene+_+Protein+Delivery - DNA Delivery Delivery...

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