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Lecture+27-bioreactor - Bioreactor Bioreactor General...

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Bioreactor Bioreactor design Types of bioreactors Perfusion and transport Liver assist device and transport issue General strategy in tissue engineering Select and modify scaffold material Isolate cells Expand cells in culture Seed cells onto scaffold Culture engineered tissue in bioreactor Tissue preservation Transplantation Applications of Bioreactor in Tissue Engineering ultivation of cell atrix constructs (e g skin Cultivation of cell-matrix constructs (e.g. skin, cartilage, blood vessel) Cultivation of cells (e.g. hematopoietic stem cells, bioartificial liver, pancreas) Factors to be Considered for Bioreactor Design Nutrient supply xygen supply Oxygen supply Waste removal Mixing and perfusion pH Temperature Cell density Biomaterials - structure, function, toxicity Mechanical loading
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Structural Evaluation of Engineered Tissues Spatial arrangement of cells and extracellular matrix (ECM): histology, immunostaining, electron microscopy Cell number: amount of DNA ECM content: collagens, glycosaminoglycans g gy Functional Evaluation of Engineered Tissues Cell metabolism: glucose consumption,
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Lecture+27-bioreactor - Bioreactor Bioreactor General...

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