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BioE 116 Oral Presentation Guidelines The purpose of the oral presentation is to present your idea to the instructor, GSIs, and students to get their input regarding your project. This will be a good opportunity to hear other people’s opinion about the feasibility of your projects. Student groups that present towards the beginning will have less time to prepare the presentation but more time to improve on the suggestions of the class. Conversely, groups that present later have more time to prepare their presentation but less time to build on the critiques of the class. Before your presentation day, please email your slide presentation to GSI (to load onto a provided laptop). The total number of slides should be less than 10 for each presentation. Information obtained from outside sources should be referenced on each slide. Each student in the group should give part of presentation. The presentation of each group should be less than 8 minutes long. (Do not go over 9 minutes or we will cut you off. You will be timed).
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