MSE-BioE+118+2011+L_6-7+Degrad+W - MSE/BioE 118 Lectures #8...

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Unformatted text preview: MSE/BioE 118 Lectures #8 Degradation of Polymers (Temenoff & Mikos Chapter 5.3) 1. Chemical and Biochemical Degradation of Polymers Definition of absorbable, degradable, resorbable Mechanisms of degradation Hydrolysis Oxidative Biodegradation 2. Degradation Examples Vascular grafts Stress cracking of pacemaker connectors and leads 3. Biodegradable materials (degradation by design) Chemistry Mechanisms of hydrolytic degradation Mechanisms of chemical degradation Mechanisms of absorption and clearance Effect of degradation on material properties Host Response Initial Events Inflammation Immunological Enzymatic/ biochemical Bacterial Neoplasia (cancer) Corrosion Fatigue Fracture Degradation Adsorption Absorption Resorption Material Response Lexicon Absorbable - Degradable - Resorbable Absorbable Capable of being broken down by a living system, either enzymatically, hydrolytically, phagocytically, or by solubilization, and the breakdown products removed from that system through normal metabolic means.from that system through normal metabolic means....
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MSE-BioE+118+2011+L_6-7+Degrad+W - MSE/BioE 118 Lectures #8...

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