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Ap Bio p3 Kunal Munshani # 18 12/7/11 Homework #15 : Chapter 15 (due Friday ) ONE Concept Map: 10 points Objectives Relating Mendelian Inheritance to the Behavior of Chromosomes 1. Explain how the observations of cytologists and geneticists provided the basis for the chromosome theory of inheritance . - Chromosome pairs & gene pairs in diploid cells - Homologous Chromosomes separate - Alleles segregate - Fertilization = re-pairing of chromosomes & genes -The observations noted above all contributed the connection between chromosomes & Mendel’s factors. This realization can to form the chromosome theory of inheritance . This theory basically states that Mendel’s factors are located on specific positions ( loci) on chromosomes and it is the chromosomes 2. Explain why Drosophila melanogaster is a good experimental organism for genetic studies. - Reproduces quickly - Few chromosomes - Distinguishable chromosomes - Morgan chose the common fruit fly ( Drosophila melanogaster) because it bred quickly allowing him to observe the passing of traits over many large generations. Second the fly has only four pairs of chromosomes (3 autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes.); this simplified his study. Finally the fly’s chromosomes were easily distinguishable with a light microscope , the only microscope available at the time; allowing him to observes the chromosomes. 3. Explain why linked genes do not assort independently. - First the definition of linked genes. - Linked genes are genes on the same chromosome that tend to inherited together. - These genes do not assort independently because: - Location: Same chromosome - Nearby on the same chromosome - Closer = lower recombinant frequency - A recombinant frequency is the frequency of genes being inherited together. The closer two genes are located on the chromosome the lower their recombinant frequency as there are fewer points at which they could be separated during crossing over. - Linked genes are said to be inherited together because when crossing over occurs they are located close by on the same chromosome and are likely to remain together when crossed over and thus tend not to assort independently. The lower the recombinant frequency of these genes the less likely they will assort independently. - #5 touches on some aspects of this question. 4. Distinguish between parental and recombinant phenotypes. - Parental
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Ap Bio p3 Kunal Munshani # 18 12/7/11 - A phenotype that matches one of the parental phenotypes. - Recombinant phenotypes
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AP-Bio-HW-15-091113 - Ap Bio p3 18 Kunal Munshani...

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