AP-Bio-HW-24-091218 - Homework #24 : Chapter 24 (due...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #24 : Chapter 24 (due Tuesday ) 10 points for concept map Objectives What Is a Species? 1. Distinguish between anagenesis and cladogenesis. 2. Define Ernst Mayrs biological species concept. 3. Distinguish between prezygotic and postzygotic isolating mechanisms. 4. Describe five prezygotic isolating mechanisms and give an example of each. 5. Explain a possible cause for reduced hybrid viability. 6. Explain how hybrid breakdown maintains separate species even if fertilization occurs. 7. Describe some limitations of the biological species concept. 8. Define and distinguish among the following: ecological species concept, paleontological species concept, phylogenetic species concept, and morphological species concept. Modes of Speciation 9. Distinguish between allopatric and sympatric speciation. 10. Explain the allopatric speciation model and describe the mechanisms that may lead to divergence of isolated gene pools. 11. Describe examples of adaptive radiation in the Galpagos and Hawaiian archipelagoes....
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AP-Bio-HW-24-091218 - Homework #24 : Chapter 24 (due...

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