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AP-Bio-Project-A-Rubrics-2011- (1) - AP Biology Room 95...

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AP Biology Room 95 Fall 2011 Rubrics for Project A Presentation 2011 Presentation Dates: 10/19, 20,26,27 Choose a topic from each of the UNITS with their related Theme of Study. Mr. Chan must approve your chosen topics and no two students should present the same topic. Check a posted schedule for your presentation on 10/19, 20,26,27 Turn in your Project A Proposal in a three-ring folder before 10/5. Check out your presentation date from Mr. Chan. A Final Report Folder and a PowerPoint presentation must be presented to Mr. Chan ONE WEEK before the presentation date. Two documents (Project Proposal and Final Report Folder) One PowerPoint and One presentation. 1. Proposal: Planning of the project: (20 Points) due 10/5 a. Schedule and progress and turn-in deadline b. Topic Justification c. References 2. Final Folder: Collection of Data: (40 Points) due one week before presentation a. Identify Sources b. Document from sources (First page of the website, abstract from the article, or summary from a citation)
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AP-Bio-Project-A-Rubrics-2011- (1) - AP Biology Room 95...

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