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AP Biology Mr. Chan Project B Project B Topics and Rubrics 2010-2012 Groups: Study Work Group (SWG) 1. 2. Stem Cell research and Nerve degenerate diseases (MD,or Alz., or Park.) 3. Energy Resources from Biological Development: Biofuel 4. 5. 6. Organ donation and Trade 7. Nanotechnology application in medicine Subject contents: Must identify the Themes (at least 5 theme) in the following   write-up A. B. Social Impact C. D. E. Future Projection of development and research development Articles: A. Presentation Report Binder  due 2/6 B. PowerPoint file due 2/10  A. Presentation on 2/15,16 Rubrics: (200 points)
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Unformatted text preview: A. Report Binder (150) A.i. Group organization, duties (5) A.ii. Plan and Schedule (5) A.iii. Meeting agenda and minutes (3 meetings minimal) (10) A.iv. Proposal and justification (10) A.v. Course of action (10) A.vi. Goal (5) A.vii. Reference and Bibliography (15) A.viii. Abstract (Summary of the whole project) (10) A.ix. Introduction (10) A.x. Project content summary (50) A.xi. Articles of references (10) A.xii. Conclusion (10) A. Presentation (50) A.xiii. PowerPoint Disc (20 points) A.xiii.1. Slides formats (5) A.xiii.2. Slides Text: color compatibility (5) A.xiii.3. Slide text: clarity and simplicity (5) A.xiii.4. Special effects (5) A.xiv. Group Presentation: (30 points) A.xiv.1. Voice and intonation (5) A.xiv.2. Group coordination and unity (10) A.xiv.3. Eye contact (5) A.xiv.4. Clarity (5) A.xiv.5. Conclusion (5)...
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AP-Bio-Project-B-2010-12-Topics-amp-Rubric- - A Report...

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